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What will this group help you with:

As an agency owner, you know that there’s no business program that prepares you for the hard stuff that comes as you work to grow your company.When I started, I had no guidance. No mentorship. No coaching. And that made things a hell lot harder.

That’s why I created this community of agency owners that are looking to reach and blow by the 7 figure mark.

A place for like-minded individuals where you can learn from my learnings and experiences.

Where you can get help with any challenges you’re dealing with -- and get it from someone who’s also faced them before and can tell you what worked and what didn’t.

And a place where you can connect with others that are in the same position as you and rise with each other.

Whether you need help finding new clients, generating qualified leads, doing effective business development, and converting sales…

or scaling your agency by setting up the right processes, implementing your back-office system that sustain your agency, and ensuring your financial engineering…

or any other challenge you’re facing…

I’ll be in your corner ready to help you and share with you the insights, best practices, strategies, and practical, real-life tips I learned along the way.

So who am I to think I can actually help with these things?

If you don’t know me yet, here’s some context on me as an entrepreneur and agency owner (I’ll be brief):

I am the Founder of Jakt, a digital product and innovation studio out of NYC.

We started in 2012. Two years later, we did 7 figured in revenue (and every year after that).

In 2018, we did $4M/year with a 20% profit margin.

I have also launched The Polpo Group -- a holding company where I co-found, buy, and invest in cash flow generating businesses.

Looking back, I realize that --had I known what I know now-- I would’ve been able to get here in half the time (and half the headaches).

All the lessons that I learned along the way through ups and downs would now save me loads of time and money.

I cannot go back. All I can do is apply them moving forward.

AND share them with you through this community of agency owners.

IS THIS FOR YOU? It depends...

Our community is exclusively comprised of owners of service-based business -- and, more specifically, agency owners.

I’ll just share with you a small sample of current members so you get an idea:

You’ll meet Cara, the founder of a creative marketing agency based out of Connecticut.

And Julie, who runs a PR agency.

Or Christopher, the CEO of a digital product studio in New York.

Or Marco, who runs a marketing agency in Austin.

And Darryl, and Ryan, and dozens of other agency owners who, like you, are looking to grow their business.

Note: while there’s no fixed minimum revenue number, we only accept individuals that are the right fit. That allows me to make sure the level and standards inside the group are kept high.

This group is NOT for people thinking about starting an agency.

You must have an active business to join with actual customers.

For reference, here’s a breakdown of our member's yearly revenue:

  • A good portion do over $1M in revenue, with a handful doing over $2M.
  • A solid number are between $250k - $1M
  • And a couple are under $250k

If you’re not sure whether this is for you, feel free to apply and we’ll see if/how I can help you.


✓ Group coaching with me in your corner answering any and all questions you have:

Yes, I personally respond to each and every question in the group. (Value: $1,500/month)

Let me tell you a really quick story:

Just a few years after I started Jakt, we plateaued at around $2M.

It seemed to be the ceiling that we just couldn’t push through. We got stuck there for a couple of years.

Finally, I realized that I had to invest in myself so that I could be the CEO my company needed me to be.

And what did I do? I hired a coach.

Without a doubt, that was one of the main reasons behind my personal and business growth. That’s when we were able to scale up to $4M/year.

I know how it feels to try to figure out things yourself through trial and error.

But the right coach helps you skip through that, speed things up, and helps you grow your business faster than you could ever do by yourself.

This group is your opportunity to have me, a 7-year agency owner, at your disposal: ready to help you and answer any questions (no topic is off-limits) you have along the way.

If you need help finding new clients, I’ll share what’s worked for us and exactly how you can do it too.

If you are struggling with hiring/firing people, or your finances and accounting, or sales, or operations, or being the right leader, or fostering a positive culture, or working ON vs IN the business, or high-level strategy…

… I’ve been through all of it and we have specific channels for each of them.

I’ll also be sharing everything I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

Aka, those lessons that you can only learn and see clearly looking backward, but that you’ll hear before they even happen --and you’ll be ready to tackle them.

That’s the advantage of working with a business coach that has run an agency just like you for so many years and has walked the path you’re walking.

My mission is to help you avoid the pitfalls I ran into along the way.

Think about the power of one question:

If I can answer just one question of yours, and that answer helps your business make or save a few thousands of dollars (or tens of thousands in some members cases), this group will have paid for itself right away.

This is actually what happened with one of our members, Sam (video of him explaining this later down the page).

So, what type of questions do we cover and do people actually ask?

Here are a few examples:

  • What’s a solid target profit margin on client projects/deals? Pre overhead? And then just in general across all clients/biz costs?
  • Culture is an important part of the vibe and values of a company. Any opinions about whether co-working spaces are more of a positive contribution or a negative distraction?
  • How do you think about who can be a contractor vs who should be a full-time employee in the early days?
  • I’m curious to know what has been the most effective strategy you invested in that accelerated your marketing engine, and attracted a consistent number of new, qualified leads each week?
  • I always feel awkward with the verbiage/process of asking for them, though we get p
  • lenty of organic referrals. clients/biz process or technique for prompting referrals or asking for them?
  • Is there a formula for what to pay yourself as an agency owner?

In fact, we’ve had over 100 questions asked and answered in the group. Here’s more questions that have been asked in the group plus my answers.

As you can see, you have the chance to be as specific and detailed on your questions as you want. And you can also learn from my answers to the questions from the other members.

Please, be selfish and ask away!

But it’s also not a “motivational” and fluff group. These are technical questions and advanced best practices that you can apply right away -- but not fit for people who do not have a business yet.

My answers are extremely in-depth, and we can go back and forth until we have covered every nuance..

At the same time, I’m not going to tell you what to do.

I will tell you all about my experience in a similar situation, how I handled it, or how I view the situation.

I’ll share with you my POV and my experiences running a multimillion-dollar agency, but ultimately you must make the business decision

✓ Access to our made-for-you resources: (Value: $100,000+)

Yes, you read that right. $100,000+.

For the members of this community, I’m completely open-sourcing the resources that me and my team had to create while growing Jakt to $4M/year.

They cover different areas of your business (legal, sales, finances, marketing, etc.), and they cost me over $100k to create. Probably over $500,000.

Between spending money with lawyers and accountants to paying salaries to people on my team to help create these systems and process, to the time I spent on them myself, to all the hard knocks (and lost money) that helped inform all of these materials, they probably cost over $500K..

And every month I release more to the group. So the value only goes up each month.

These resources are designed specifically for agencies, and I set them up so that you can take them and apply them to your business right away.

These are assets that you’ll eventually have to invest a lot of time and money to create if you want to grow your business...

Or I can just give them to you so that you can use them immediately.

Here’s a few of them:

  • Open-heart Agency Surgery Analysis: how the systems of your business interact with each other and how to manage them.
  • Jakt’s Organizational Chart Over Time (+ Video Explainer): to see how your company will evolve over time.
  • Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly Planning [Video]. How we do them + meeting templates.
  • Process / Workflow Creation (Detailed explainer on how to create workflows/document processes for your company -- you’ll need this as you scale).
  • Scorecards for: New Business, Forecasting Financials, Profit & Loss Targets + YTD Tracking, Cash Collection [+ Video Explainer]
  • Cost to Maintain to Ensure a Profit [Google Sheet + Video Explainer]
  • Contracts (these alone cost me $50k to make for Jakt).
  • Giving away our templates for Master Services Agreement, Retainers, W2s, Offer Letter, 1099, Referral Agreements, etc.
  • Personal Finance Budgeting for Entrepreneurs
  • Our battle-tested proposal template (that landed us $250k deals) and our follow-up strategy.
  • Marketing Spend Analysis Template (ideal to calculate ROI and where your marketing efforts are proven to be more efficient).
  • Software, Tools, and Services Used to Run Jakt
  • Service Providers Used to Run Back-Office

Let’s say that you join the group and start looking around all these resources. And, for whatever reason, you end up using only one of the contract templates.

Just having to get a lawyer to draft it for you will cost you more than a year’s worth of this course.

Trust me, I know because I had to pay for it from my pocket. I didn’t have anyone to share them with me. But you do.

Or if you use our proposal template and that helps you get your biggest client yet.

How much is that worth to you? About 100 times your investment in this group?

So, even in the worst-case scenario, the ROI of using only one of our resources make this a sure bet.

And I keep on adding more and more every single month. So the value you get from this community keeps on going UP over time just off the resources alone.

✓ Form relationships with other agency owners: (Value: Priceless...)

As an agency owner, it’s hard to find people with the same goals and ambitions than you. Or who are going through the same struggles and challenges.

But, when you put a bunch of entrepreneurs together, good stuff happens.

I’m very selective with the individuals that I let in the group and pass our application process.

While some of them might be further ahead and others behind you, we are a very supportive community dedicated to helping each other.

And we can all learn from each other and “level up” together.

You’ll be able to network and build meaningful connections with agency owners that run real businesses.

Join Today

Monthly Membership
  • No question is off limits. Make this interaction as accommodated and specific to you as you wish. I’m here to answer your questions, directly and every day.
  • Month to month, cancel any time.

A word of warning: this is not a beginners / don’t have a business yet but I’m thinking of one group.

You must have an active business.

(Both the pricing and myself filter for that).

That way we can keep our interactions at a much more advanced level than if it was a beginners group, and we can then tackle the complex issues that come with a growing agency.

Unlike traditional networking groups, we treat this as a community of people who want to succeed and help others succeed too.

We even have an accountability channel where you can share your goals for the week and revisit them at the end of the week.

If I haven’t given you enough reasons to apply yet, here’s a few more...

Bonus #1: Referral Channel

One of the “secret benefits” of our Slack group is our referrals channel.

Founders of other agencies are sending referrals that you can pick up for your own business.

And, if you have a customer that needs a service you don’t offer, you can shoot it here too.

I call this a “secret benefit” because I don’t want you to sign up for just this. You should be signing up because of everything above. And this is just a bonus on top.

But I will say, some people have already landed deals through this channel. Nothing is guaranteed, but it’s a nice perk, right?

Let me ask you this:

If you never ask a question to me or use any of the resources I’m giving away, BUT…

you get one client off one referral from this channel,

won’t you have already made great ROI for the year from this group?

And remember, this is just one of the bonuses!

Bonus #2: 50% off on all present and future courses I release

As I’m sharing more of what I learned while building my agency to my audience, I will start packaging this info into value-packed courses that you can use and apply as you grow your business.

My first one, Finance For Agencies, goes in-depth on the type of finance and accounting you need to run an always-profitable, cash flow generating small business.

They’ll all be oriented to agency owners and high-priced -- at a minimum of $1k each.

All members of this community will always get 50% off all courses, which means you’ll already be saving money the second you join the group.

Bonus #3: Free access to our Founders-only LinkedIn and Twitter engagement groups (Value of $200/month)

If you want to give more exposure to your content on Twitter and LinkedIn,, these will make all the difference.

Join Today

Monthly Membership
  • No question is off limits. Make this interaction as accommodated and specific to you as you wish. I’m here to answer your questions, directly and every day.
  • Month to month, cancel any time.


Now, I can go on and on about everything that you’ll get if you join this group.

But I’m going to let the current members of our community share their experiences and results:

Here’s Sam Shepler: the Founder of Testimonial Hero, a video production agency out of Boston.

Sam faced two challenges before joining our group:

#1: He didn’t have anyone --and definitely not another agency owner-- to bounce ideas off and get constructive feedback.

#2: While his strengths were on the creative and sales, he needed help in operations and back-office so that he could scale his business.

Listen to how I was able to add an extra $10,000 by reworking contract terms.

And that was just in the FIRST MONTH of being part of this community -- talk about ROI and the power of one answer!

And this is Austin Mullins -- the Founder of Conversion Creatives, a content marketing and SEO agency.

Austin was able to “copy” our systems and quickly apply them to his business while skipping the trial and error that comes with scaling.

Here’s how I was able to help him move from doing the work to focusing on the high-level strategy:

Or Marti Sanchez -- the owner of a personal branding agency in Barcelona, Spain.

He asked me:

1) how to set up and document processes so that his company could grow without him and

2) what opportunities he was missing to generate new business and fill up his pipeline.

I shared with him how I look for channel partners and helped him build relationships with them -- which are now his #1 marketing channel and bring in thousands of dollars each month.


Now, let’s talk about money.

My goal for this group is to make this community the highest ROI investment you’ve ever made.

One question I answer for you, or one resource you “steal” from me, or even one connection you make... will already 10-100x your money.

But I want you to squeeze as much juice and take advantage of the overwhelming value that being a part of this community will bring you.

I priced this low enough to make it accessible to every agency owner that’s serious about growing their business.

But I also want this to be a filter so that only those that are willing to invest in themselves and their company get in.

And I also know how much money will this group make you the second you join in.

So, click here, apply, get in the group, take advantage of me, and be part of this community of agency owners.

Join Today

Monthly Membership
  • No question is off limits. Make this interaction as accommodated and specific to you as you wish. I’m here to answer your questions, directly and every day.
  • Month to month, cancel any time.

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I've sold everything from a $1000 deal to a $1M deal over the past 7 years. I haven't seen it all, but I've seen most of it. Whether you’re a first-timer or experienced business owner, I’m here to walk you through the process.


Financial engineering is key to staying in business and making a profit. I’ll show you what I’ve learned from managing millions of dollars in revenue and turning a healthy profit each year.


For you to have a healthy business that can grow, it’s crucial to have a solid foundation on the back-office (operations, human resources, accounting, etc). I'll teach you how to do this. Teamwork makes the dream work.

And so much more...

Any other business topic is fair game. We'll also cover "non-business" aspects like your physical, mental and emotional health, which deserve the same attention you give your company and directly contriubte to your businesses growth.

Anthony Tumbiolo

This group is moderated by Anthony Tumbiolo, CEO of Jakt, which is a digital product & innovation studio. Jakt crossed the $1M revenue mark in its second full year of operation in 2014, and did $4M in revenue in 2018.

Some customers I've worked with at Jakt


Monthly Membership
  • No question is off limits. Make this interaction as accommodated and specific to you as you wish. I’m here to answer your questions, directly and every day.
  • Month to month, cancel any time.